The Quality of the Nature

We are producing only quality wines, which are not containing any additives. This is what we try to emphasize trough our slogen. Already in the culture phase of the grapes, we are putting strong emphasis to minimize the sprayings and also to use only natural and traditional materials. This takes more working hours on our side but we strongly believe that remaining natural is key to our customers and our common future.


Double Taste

One of the guarantee of the quality of our wines could be phrased with the following sentence: Halfening yield, double taste. What we mean is that in the early phase of the grapes culture we cut down half of the yield, and thanks to that the remainig grapes are becoming much more tasty. Pratically we prioritize the quality over the quantity.


Volcanic Rocks

The other important characteristics of our wines is that the Turulung hills lays on volcanic rocks. It is a well-known fact by wine experts that the volcanic rocks improves the characteristics of the wine or with other words winetasting will be a better pleasure.




Reizer Winery has won numerous certificates every year troughout the last decade. We are pround that we can claim that we won over 100 golden or silver diplomas. The jury normally appreciates on a higher level our red wines. Please see here a few of our certificates:


If you would like to taste our wines or order for a special occasion, please contact us:
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